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6 min readSep 28, 2022


Speakers: Carlito (CMO) & Adi Izmar (COO)

1st Session — INTRODUCTION

1.What is Rimaunangis token?

Rimaunangis Token ($RXT) is a native token for the whole Rimaunangis ecosystem consists of (NFT), (TV platform / subscription based), (coming soon) and (coming soon). Soon we will launch our own Metaverse VR game with play to earn concept.

2.What is the Rimaunangis token utility and can you tell us about its features?

We developed our token to be used across all our platforms. Our ecosystem will consists of NFT marketplace, TV & live streaming platform, music and art and fashion gallery marketplace. Soon, our game on Metaverse. So, this token ($RXT) will be the native token to our ecosystem and in the future, we aim to bring the token utilization onto the real world.

3.What is the benefits users can get from Rimaunangis ?

We have an investment program on our NFTs collection ( that will get you ROI up to 75%, also, in the future we will introduce our Metaverse VR game which brings the concept of play-to-earn (P2E). Besides that, our community can enjoy leisure and fun time on our ecosystem through our entertainment platforms (TV, art & music).

3.1 Follow up Question

RXT team offering massive benefits to the users right?

Yes, we are on promotional phase right now on our NFT, if anyone is interested, they can go to for more information.

4.In 2022, what are Rimaunangis main targets for this year? or in the future

By the end of this year, we aim to list our token on central exchangers (Probit Global, Bitrue, Lbank and more). Also, we will consolidate our platforms to form 1 complete ecosystem and we will have Beta test on our Metaverse game. Next, we are in the progress of completing our audit with Certik (more info available on Certik’s website) and we will go for more next year with Certik (Skynet & Skyshield). By 2025, we aim to have our own blockchain.

2nd Session — Twitter Questions


Most P2E games start giving away a lot of tokens to the first few players and for a short period of time the game is profitable,but not sustainable,and because of that, its value soon decreases. How is your Game designed and how can you guarantee your profitability?

As of now the game is still in development stage, unfortunately there’s not much details available yet. However, to give you a rough idea, it will be something like Harvest Moon or Farmville where you need to spend with the token in order to earn more token. In terms of the sustainability of our projects, our digital assets are backed by real and fully-insured underlying assets to put more security to your investments. Also, by growing our community in the long run, we believe our ecosystem will be interactive enough to help sustain all of our platforms.


Can you list 1–3 killer features of Your Project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your platform has that you feel most confident about?

1. Our underlying assets of agriculture assets and raw & unprocessed diamonds worth $10 billion dollars with all assets are fully insured.

2. A complete ecosystem on the Metaverse with business opportunities and leisure / socializing through our entertainment platforms.

3. Our impact on the real world, Food Security program and global humanitarian projects through our Metaverse project.


Marketing and partnership are really important to any projects because it facilitate to reinforce the incredibility of that project. Can you list several well-known partners? What will you execute to keep long-term holders as well as gamers?

In terms of Marketing,

1. we work with CORE ( 21 Indonesian community that work togethe to support every project that want to penetrate indonesian market

2. we work with bangladesh, india, vietname , malaysia , china, germany, to do massive brand awarness

3. we work with gollum, caesar , and venom also as a tier 1 callers

Next when we list. we will do hard call with 100 callers al over the world

yes corect mate, also we become. co sponsor on dubai blockchain event on 16–17th october.


We believe Rimaunangis community will get bigger and with the media exposure, more people will join Rimaunangis, and some players are curious as to what the future direction of Rimaunangis will look like?

We want to be the leading digital company on the Metaverse that provide a complete experience and develop our own blockchain by the 2025. Through our ecosystem, we will host a lot of interactive events for community and bring more elements to our VR game. With our current progress, we have no doubt that we will be able to achieved all the items on our roadmap.


Marketing is a central element for every project, so that everyone knows the potential that a project can bring is vital to achieve the goals set. What is Rimaunangis strategy to attract new users and investors to your project and keep them long term?

1. Spread awareness about project

2. Spread awareness about product

After that 2 point running well of course it will be increase demand to our product, bcoz to access our product people need currency ( $RXT ), so it means automatically increase demand on our token

Method :

- Online event

- Offline event

Target : crypto enthusiast using crypto caller

Non crypto enthusiast thru event

Example : when we make singing events, we gain singers and also song listeners.

In the future :

- singer become a creator on out platform

- music listener become subscriber our platform

- singer get money from the platform, music listener spend money on our platform


What are the best modes for purchasing or from where we can purchase the coins? What of the key features which make this project more beneficial than other competitors in the market?

Right now our token can be purchased through IEO with Probit Global, therefore, you can go to Probit Global’s website to purchase under IEO. Next, we are going to be listed on Probit Global, Lbank and Bitrue on October 1st with the starting price of $2.00 USD per token. Our project is backed by our fully-insured, real world assets to put more security on the sustainability. We incorporate our conventional agriculture business and expand the market on the digital world. Therefore, we are one of a very few companies to incorporate our conventional business with communities on the digital world and expand our market globally at maximum speed.

3rd Session — QUIZ

1.What is the total supply of Rimaunangis tokens?

  • 2million

2.Which country is Rimaunangis from?

  • Malaysia

3.What is the token ticker of Rimaunangis?

  • RXT

4.Which blockchain Rimaunangis are based on?

  • BSC

5.if you want to know about rimaunangis agriculture nft, where you need to go?

6.when rimaunangis will list on cex

  • 1st of october 2022


Rimaunangis (RXT) Round I

⏰20 September 2022, 15:00 WIB ~ 23 September 2022, 10:00 WIB

💵 $1.75/RXT

💰Bonus 5%

Rimaunangis (RXT) Round 2

⏰September 24, 2022, 10:00 WIB ~ September 29, 2022, 10:00 WIB


💰Bonus 2.5%



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