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Speakers: Augustin Gohil — CEO

Telegram handle: @augig

1st Session

  • What is MMAI token?

The MMAI token is focused on integrating blockchain technology into emerging web3 properties such as the metaverse. Our goal is to deliver new and unique solutions today while building the next generation technologies.

Even though we are a young project of two months we have already released our crypto wallet named PUREWALLET, we are a couple of months away from releasing our metaverse, and we have announced plans for a multiple layer two solutions based on the Ethereum blockchain that will be out mid of 2023.

One of our main goals is to deliver our metamall that will be a more immersive ecommerce experience tied to our PUREWALLET for payment processing.

  • What is the MMAI token utility and can you tell us about its features?

The utility of the token will be tied very closely with our metaverse project. Everyone will be welcome to come and experience our metaverse but for some of our premium services and adventures that will require our MMAI tokens which will bring true value to our holders.

Our metaverse is designed on a real world feel so the spaces and buildings have to be beautiful but there also needs to be a strong social aspect. People are looking at the metaverse and they are looking for a way to socialize there.

We are working on the AI tech that will ensure strong social interactions. We want to give people the feel of real-world social gatherings like meeting places, multiple ways to communicate and connect, things for people to experience together with their group of friends or new friends you meet in our metaverse.

However, we are also looking at this as a place for businesses to offer a more immersive experience for their customers and employees. So, we are looking at education aspect of the metaverse and give businesses the ability to meet and train in a new way. We are looking at ecommerce and how that experience can improve over the current web2 offerings.

But for the investors it is important for them to know that our token will drive many of the premium interactions like social, business, and ecommerce interactions.

  • Can you speak about your partnership with the university research labs located on South Korea?

Yes, we are very proud to be partnered with these two research labs NSLabs & Creativia. Our partnered labs have spent years researching the technologies that will run the future and we are lucky to work with them.

They have years of experience of working with the military, and tech giants like Samsung and LG. Their experience and research capabilities are helping MMAI fast track a lot of our technologies to market. For example, our offline payment capable wallet and soon to be released metaverse.

  • What is the benefits users can get from MMAI?

For sure, MMAI, as I mentioned, is a young project but it has exciting wide ranging aspirations. We are looking at our project and our tech through different lenses than other projects in this space. Here are a few examples.

Our PUREWALLET is the first and only one of its kind that can make digital crypto payment transactions without internet connections. So, think about crypto adoption worldwide, not all parts of the world have internet connections anywhere the people travel, so we believe our wallet will help with a wider adoption.

Also think about the safety feature, PUREWALLET is a smart phone application and when you are in the offline mode your crypto is safe from any would be thief. This is a cold wallet without any additional hardware. Another feature of the wallet will be payment processing not only for the metaverse but for under-served web2 stores.

But one of the problems with crypto is the speed at which the payments are processed. Well our offline payment is instantaneous; it is done in a fraction of a second so we are working on bringing that to crypto payment processing.

MMAI looks at blockchain much wider than crypto currencies. We are working with a local government in Korea to use our offline wallet to run election voting. Imagine the security of an offline blockchain and that could do for voting result confidence. This isn’t to say MMAI is targeting voting tech but just to point out we are looking at blockchain in a much wider application. Some of the fields we are either working on or discussing are; Healthcare, Real estate, Metaverse identity theft, Manufacturing / Smart factories, and several others.

  • In 2022, what are MMAI main targets for this year? or in the future (2023)

We are bringing a lot to market this year but I will highlight the major ones:

1) PUREWALLET — We are adding the offline toggle switch so you can turn your wallet to a cold wallet for additional security. We are also releasing another safety feature that will protect your crypto when you are online. One of professors has developed a new algorithm that will encrypt your access to your wallet private address so you better protected when you are online.

2) We are working on a Crypto/PUREWALLET payment gateway for woo-commerce, a very popular ecommerce platform on web2. This will allow for millions of stores to use our payment processing and accept crypto as well. Imagine all the under serviced industries that can’t get access to traditional payment processing or the one that are paying a high rate. In addition, this payment process will also be able to integrate with web3 properties as well, like the MMAI metamall.

3) Releasing our metaverse for general users to access and explore our new world. As I mentioned before it will be focused on world building and social interactions. Plus, our token will be a utility token that will pay for some of the premium features in the world.

4) Our layer two solution based on Ethereum blockchain. One of the layer two’s will be engineered for crypto currencies with a special emphasis on payment processing but we are also looking at other uses of blockchains outside of crypto. We are considering health care, manufacturing, along with a couple other interesting possibilities.

  • What is the token ticker of MetaMonkey AI/?


  • What is the name of MetaMonkey mobile app?


  • What is the MetaMonkey’s website link?

  • How many holders can MMAI accommodate after the Phase 2 of the Roadmap has been implemented?

2000 Holders

  • Who is the founder and CEO of MetaMonkey AI?

Augustin Gohil

2nd Session — Twitter Questions

  • @orianasyndra

How many killer features of #MetaMonkeyAI project that makes it ahead of its competitors? Could you tell us 2–3 features ? And What are the plans to educate and raise awareness and adoption among the community to make more people understand about the project easily?

If you look at our PureWallet you have some unique and one-of-a-kind features. For example ours is the only wallet that will allow you to make payments without internet connection, plus we have a cold wallet feature that will protect your crypto even when you are online. We have several social media channels like telegram, twitter, and YouTube and we will working on providing more educational and support content to help people understand our project better.

  • @_edwardNeW

Where is the the “MetaMonkeyAI ” name coming from and what is the logo representing?

MMAI has a focus on delivering the metaverse today as well as building the underlying tech that will drive it into the future. So we that in mind, we know the metaverse is in the early evolution but we are moving towards higher intelligence. The logo was a fun artistic take on the idea.

  • @_Mon_keyking_

How important is the community to you? and how can we collaborate or help you for the development of the project?

The community is very important to us as is the feedback and collaboration. We have a very active community on Telegram, Twitter and YouTube. We have also setup special landing pages to get feedback on particular projects and will continue this practice. If you check with the people who have been with the project you will find that we are very receptive to feedback and we will implement some of the more popular or compelling ideas.

  • @tomphasu

Can you tell us the motivation and benefits for investors to hold $MMAI long term? What plans do you have to help drive demand and scarcity for the token?

We are a tech company and with our partnerships with the university research labs we are working on some very cutting-edge technologies. Like the first of its kind offline payment capable PureWallet, and using blockchain tech outside of crypto like our voting system. Beyond that we will integrate our token is to many of our platforms such as the token will be used in our metaverse for premium products and access. Also we are working on a Payment Gateway for the PureWallet and a percentage of the proceeds will be used to do a buy and burn of our tokens.

  • @AkihisaMori45

In past few years many cryptocoins have been prone to hacking… How can you assure to crypto traders that Your Project has strong security and privacy to prevent hacking?

Our PureWallet has some of the strongest security measure, like the ability to go offline with your wallet without purchasing additional hardware. This is done with a toggle switch in our app. Plus we are adding a security encryption that will keep your assets safe when you are online through a proprietary algorithm.

3rd Session

Wow, there’s a lot of good questions and also very great answer from MMAI team. We are now 1 step closer to know better about Metamonkey AI

Let’s now we move to our 3rd session which is quiz for our user.

I will post 5 questions and the 1st users who can answer it first and also correctly will get the reward

The questions are very easy if you guys following the AMA from the beginning

Remember, only the first correct answer can get the reward

Let’s starts with

1) What is the name of the MMAI crypto wallet?


2) What are the names of the research laboratories we are partnered with?

NSLabs & Creativia

3) What is the unique feature about the MMAI PUREWALLET that no other wallet has?

It can make crypto payments without internet connection.

4) What is the meaning behind the MetaMonkey AI name.

Evolution of the metaverse (we are in an early stage of the metaverse but evolving..

Something to that affect

5) What is the utility of the MMAI tokens?

Services in the metaverse

Thank you MMAI team for the great AMA, We are pretty sure our community now knows better about the Metamonkey AI project & team!

We hope the best for you.

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