Recap AMA — FLAG Token with ProBit Global

Speakers: Mike Magolnick

Founder/CEO of Flag Media, FLAG Token,

TG Handle:

1st Session — Introduction

Q: What is FLAG token, how did it start?

Absolutely. We launched FLAG Token back in 2021 as a support for Flag Media’s publishing business. We wanted to create a simple reward system for people taking actions within our network of publications. It has definitely grown a LOT since 2021!

Q: I heard about the parent company — Flag Media, what is all about?

Flag Media is part of a reputation management business that we’ve been operating for 10+ years. One of the key features of excellent reputation management is the ability to have feature stories, articles, and multimedia content, published about a company or an executive or an athlete or a celebrity and have that information go to the first few pages of Google with the content that the individual wants people to see about them.

Flag Media was set up to manage dozens of online newspapers and digital magazines that we have acquired over the years, including some very high profile ones such as Global Business Daily, PR Daily Wire, Crypto Times Register, and many others.

Q: Now let’s talk about the the utility for FLAG, can you share with us?

Absolutely. Utility is very important to us and the use cases are growing every day. Right now, the FLAG Token is able to be used within all of the Flag Media publications currently to pay for article placements, as well as various advertising opportunities. We’re building out a number of outlets where FLAG tokens will be used as a primary source of commerce such as FlagMart, and we also have a vast partner network that is starting to accept FLAG Tokens for payment on products and services as well.

For example — Herman Marshall Whiskey now accepts Flag tokens for their tasting rooms and StruCalc accepts Flag tokens for their software and consulting.

Q: Then can you tell us about FLAGMART?

When I think about FlagMart, I think about eBay, Amazon, and Etsy, all rolled into one with the simple exception that the only mode of commerce will be FLAG tokens. Both individual users and businesses can set up vendor accounts and sell whatever they want on FlagMart Such as products and or services. Then people will connect their meta-mask wallet with their FLAG tokens, enter FlagMart and create an easy way to buy products using FLAG tokens. This site will ultimately also have an affiliate program, a partner program, that will allow people to get paid from referrals, and it will tie in to a lot of the other business lines that we will be offering.

When we launched, one of the main utility features was creating a platform where people can actually use their FLAG tokens to buy and sell real products and services and Flag Mart is the first part of the realization of that goal.

There are too many token projects out there that just want you to buy their tokens and they don’t have any utility built-in. Our goal is pretty simple. We want people to buy our tokens and be able to actually use them in real life and Flag Mart is going to be a huge part of that goal.

Q: Good project need someone to support it, so can you tell me who is behind the company?

We have the best team! Really some absolutely great people that cover everything from operations to marketing to business development, technology, partner development, content, social, and I can go on and on!

I (Mike) founded the company years ago. I’ve been involved in PR, Marketing, and Reputation Management for more than a decade. I’ve written 5 books. I’ve also been involved in crypto since before bitcoin had a price. My initial entry to the market was mining bitcoin, and then trading it after it had a market value. Over the years, I have been involved in dozens of crypto and Blockchain projects from the marketing side as well as the token development and launch side.

Q: Our communities must be wondering, what makes FLAG different?

Such a good question!

FLAG is different from a lot of other crypto projects because we have a very strong underlying company. All of the utility built into the token can be attributed to the parent company and the vast partner network. We also have a very strong plan, a distinct strategy for growing the business that includes the token in everything that we’re doing. The goal for FLAG is to create a powerful ecosystem so that users on both the token side and clients on the company side can benefit from participation in every aspect of the company.

Q: What are the big plans for FLAG in 2023?

FlagMart will launch soon. Spire Social will launch soon. BUT… the biggest move for FLAG in 2023 is the launch of our own native Blockchain.

Our anticipated launch date for that is summer of 2023. Along with that we will have a native wallet application, and, in a first of its kind, we will be developing a bridge portal that will easily migrate tokens between the FLAG Blockchain and other blockchains.

We will also have a NFT marketplace AND the Flag Naming System (similar to Ethereum’s naming system). We have Royal Society set to launch under Flag this year also with 11 more NFT collections

AND we already have about a half dozen good projects lined up to launch on the FLag blockchain

2nd Session — Twitter Questions

Q: Via Jenny @Maiphuong32

What strategies would the initiative employ to boost the token’s price, liquidity,and relevance? As a result, is it possible that the token’s value will increase?What are your strategies for ensuring the long-term viability of your FlagMedia enterprise and maximizing cash flows?

It’s important to understand that while we know the price of the token is important to our token holders, it is not the foundation of our business. We know that the price of the token will rise, as we implement the deliverables that have been promised according to our roadmap. We also plan massive marketing campaigns that will bring additional awareness as well as Positive attention to the company and the token. All of this will have a positive effect on the price of a token. In addition, when we look at the launch of the Blockchain and everything that’s involved, we know that the utility of FLAG tokens as gas will drive a tremendous demand for the token as well FLAGMART being a place for Flag token commerce.

Q: Via CryptoWizard @moonboy_jack9

Can you tell us some of the use-cases of the #FlagMedia tokens in your platform? What are the uses of this tokens in your platform and in the market? What are the benefits when buying and holding #FlagMedia tokens for a long period of time?

We will continue to roll out use cases for the flag token. Right now flag tokens can be used for anything within Flag Media’s publishing network, and several of our partners, including Herman Marshall Whiskey and StruCalc that accept FLAG tokens for payment. We have a partner network that is more than 200 companies that are all working through the process of accepting Flag tokens as payment. The next step is the launch of FLAGMart, which is an eBay/Amazon/Etsy type of e-commerce portal that will exclusively use flag tokens as the mode of commerce.

The long-term benefit of holding Flag tokens is going to be similar to that of any other company that launched a Blockchain with plans for growth and partnerships with other projects. Right now the flag Blockchain has five projects pending on the token development side, as well as the NFT marketplace, which has quite a few businesses looking to use our upcoming Blockchain as their foundation.

Q: Via lexon @adanikeemmanue1

Do you have any plans to attract non-crypto investors to join your project? Because the success of a project attracts more investors who haven’t yet entered the crypto world. What are the plans to raise awareness about your project in the non-crypto space.

We are very focused on bringing non-crypto investors to the project. Most of the flag media clients and partners are non-crypto, so it’s important to show people that tokenization and digital connection is not just a good idea, it’s something that will become prevalent in every part of business over the next few years. A lot of our focus is on making sure that people understand that it’s not something to be afraid of and we want to bring people in in a comfortable way and show them how easy it is to become digitally/crypto adept.

Q: Via Shekh Forid @Shekhfo50636345

When almost 3/4 of investors now focused on the price of token in short-term instead of understanding the real value and use cases of the project. Could you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold #FlagMedia token in the long run?

Unfortunately, you are very correct. People spending more time focused on the price of the token today as opposed to where the project as a whole is going over the upcoming years. It’s very difficult to focus on the price of anything on a day-to-day basis, because it fluctuates so much. Our goal is really to build stability and longevity with the company as a whole so our day-to-day price is not as important to us as making sure that we roll out with the products and services and technologies that we have according to our roadmap. We have been very focused on staying laser pointed at that road map and delivering what we say we’re going to deliver

In the end, we believe the price will take care of itself, especially when people see that we are building a foundation that includes a tremendous amount of demand for flag tokens.

Q: Via Minh Anh @SinaEly1

What is the functionality of $FLAG token and its tokenomics? Will it be included on your staking derivative assets and reward for users? In terms of product development, what are your biggest expectations from the project you are working on right now?

One key thing to keep in mind is that there are only 37 million tokens in the total supply with 29 million of those currently in a locked, cold storage wallet. We are creating demand with all of the products and services, and use cases and utility that we have on a foundation basis with Flag tokens. We have developed programs with each of the exchanges for staking, as well as holding competitions, giving our users the ability to earn for holding.

As far as product development goes, the biggest expectation will be the implementation and use of the Flag blockchain and everything that is involved with it.

The BIG goal here is to keep building value and utility

If you are involved in a token project where you cannot actually do anything with the tokens then that is a problem. We are so focused on value here

Think about what having such a small supply means when the blockchain is launched and Flag tokens are the gas

AND we have great partners like ProBit Global!!

3rd Session — Live Quiz

1_What is the blockchain type for FLAG?


2_Who is the Founder of FLAG token?

Mike Magolnick

3_How many FLAG tokens in the total supply?

37 million

4_What is the name of the e-commerce site FLAG is launching soon?


5_What is FLAG token’s official Instagram?

@flagtoken / flagmediagroup

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