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9 min readMay 30, 2023

Speaker: Michael SIU

Green Universe Coin’s General Manager & Founder

“My name is Michael, I am originally from Texas but now based in Hong Kong. I got into Web3 a few years ago for trading and decided to start a company to do with Green Energy.”

Can you tell us a little bit about the team around you and their credentials?

Yes of course — we are a team of around 5 and growing. We are an experienced team of developers, and Alfred, one of my co-founders, has experience in Environmental Industries for the past 13 years.

Part 1 — Introduction

1. What is Green Universe Coin, and what was it designed to achieve?

Right now, there are very few platforms that provide a way for small contributors to donate to huge causes. We are using cryptocurrency, where anyone in the world can donate to a GREEN cause using GUC tokens by buying carbon credits from us.

In return, they get a carbon credit certificate, which the GUC platform will turn into a dynamic NFT — this can be sold onto NFT marketplaces like OpenSea.

This becomes a win-win situation for the Green project as well as the investor.

Also, the investor will be able to keep a live track of how far the project has reached, and how has his investment caused the betterment of the society

We are using Blockchain and the magic of cryptocurrency to bridge the gap between investors and green causes. Cryptocurrencies bring in the advantage of being truly global and agile.

Buying GUC tokens will be possible from anywhere in the world instantly.

Compliance requirements in soliciting money from different countries become almost null.

There is a loss of money when we deal with FIAT money — which does not happen in case of cryptocurrencies.

2. What is the utility of GUC token, and can you tell us about its features?

GUC is basically tokenization of carbon credits.

We are building a GUC portal, where we will list all the green projects going around the world that need support from citizens of the world. Users of the platform will have to get GUC tokens in order to ‘INVEST’ in these projects.

In return they get Dynamic NFTs, which can be traded on OpenSea or other marketplaces

We will also be incorporating a staking platform, where users can stake these dynamic NFTs in return of GUC tokens. However, this isn’t all!

We are building an amazing game called GUCity.

In GUCity, we will be giving users an empty plot of land. Their target would be to generate renewable energy within their city. Users can buy solar panels, windmills etc. within the game, to make their city a ‘green’ city. In return for every unit of renewable energy they generate, they will get GUC tokens in return — which can be traded in the market!

3. What are the benefits users can get from investing in the GUC ecosystem?

There are tons of benefits. Like I mentioned, You are getting profits while also doing good for the world. This makes you a responsible citizen.

In return you get Dynamic NFTs, the looks and perks associated with it are going to be amazing — we can’t wait to release it to the public eye soon!

One last thing: These NFTs are not just tradable on NFT marketplaces, you can use them within the GUCity game as well!

For example, You may be able to stake a NFT within the city, in return for a few solar panels!

GUC’s parent company — FiveWin — is based out of Hong Kong, and their main source of income is by installing solar panels into residential and commercial areas. We as a company have totally invested into the green cause, and have been a part of it since decades. So when the idea came onto our plates, we were the first to grab it!

Carbon credits, as you mentioned, are how accredited agencies and government rewards factories/companies who generate renewable energy

and they can sell these carbon credits for a profit to factors whose carbon footprints are off the charts This way the factories contributing negatively to the environment clear their conscience by buying these carbon credits

But we thought — why stop at factories? We citizens also contribute a lot of carbon footprint to the world.

Hence we tokenized these carbon credits, so now, even a small investor can contribute to the environment and also get profitable returns through Dynamic NFTs at the same time.

4. Can you tell us a bit about the supply of GUC and which blockchain it is built on?

Our supply for GUC is 2,000,000,000 and we are built on the BNB Chain.

5. What are GUC main targets for this year? And what are your plans beyond 2023?

Sure, so this year, so this year we have a lot of things incoming. We will be releasing the GUC portal (beta version) to our audience.

We will be starting the development of GUCity as well, starting from JUNE. We plan on a major marketing and PR push as well, so that we reach as many people as possible, and help the world that it desperately needs

We can’t wait to do well, with your support anything is possible

6. Can you tell our community how the look of these dynamic NFTs will change when users earn carbon credits with GUC?

Ah, that is a great question. So, as of now, we have decided to create a batch of carbon credits in order to determine the look change of the dynamic NFT

Let’s take an example. At every 10th carbon credit you end up collecting, your NFT will change its look.

Let’s say as of now you have 5 carbon credits. The moment you earn your 10th carbon credit by investing into green projects, the look of the NFT shall change.

Part 2 — Twitter Questions

  • From RainanWand

I believe security is one of the most important to consider before investing in a Project. So, can you tell us what are the security measures does @GUC OFFICIAL have done SO far? Have you done your audit? Would you mind to share it with us?

We have been audited by one of the top auditing firms in the industry — Cystack. You can check our auditing report here:

  • From Margaret7131

Users often care less about technology, but rather the value of the token. How does #GUC OFFICIAL manage to strike a balance between developing the technology and also improving the value of the token? What are the benefits for token long-term holders?

We have always believed in the bigger picture. We never wanted to just sell the idea of tokenization of carbon credit. We understand that in the long run, technology plays a crucial role in appreciating the token’s price value.

So since day 1, we invested in bringing this idea to life. Hence we invested a lot of money while building the GUC portal. Usually projects wait until the fundraising to put money into building the entire utility altogether. But we decided to put in money from the very beginning to let the audience know that we are here for the long haul and that we actually believe in our project.

  • From MinhRossi

As a newcomer, have always faced difficulties in navigating through the Ul of many platforms. And these clumsy UI have always been difficult for newbies. Is the “#GUC OFFICIAL “ Platform a beginner-friendly platform & ensure a hassle free & clean interface for users?

I completely understand, Our UI of the GUC portal is designed with a strong focus on user-friendliness. We’ve ensured that our platform is intuitive and easy to navigate for both new and experienced users.

The design is clean and organized, making it simple to find the information and features you need without any unnecessary complexity.

We have a streamlined onboarding process to guide you through the platform, and help and support resources are readily available

I would request you to go onto our beta version of the portal and check out the designs! There is also a video on our website that helps you understand all the aspects of the portal better.

  • From Dominic_0958

What is the most ambitious goal of the project in the future? What is @GUC OFFICIAL most important priority according to the project roadmap? Is the team equipped with sufficient funds and community to meet that goal?

Next on our roadmap would be launching our GUC portal for the world.

It is almost in its end stages as we are very excited for you guys to check out the portal and get the feel of dynamic NFTs.

We have tried to bring in the concept of Dynamic NFTs into the picture, so the looks and the perks associated with it are going to be really awesome.

We will release a sneak peek of one of the dynamic NFTs soon.

Other than that, we plan to start developing our GUCity game in the month of June.

We are pretty excited for the same. And when it comes to funds and community, we have been fortunate enough to have large VCs backing up the project, and our community is supportive as well.

  • From AprielleAllisa

I understand that #GUC will take part in developing NFT games, but what features will these games have? Will they be of a specific theme? And also, users can contribute ideas or even if it is possible to develop games with the technology in your platform?

I believe that you are talking about the NFTs that would be used in our GUCity game.

Before I answer, I would like to tell you a bit about the game. GUCity is a very interactive game, where users will be given a piece of land and will be asked to generate renewable energy

They can buy solar panels, windmills etc in games and every unit of renewable energy they produce, they will be rewarded in terms of GUC tokens, which can be converted to real money after selling them off in the market.

Also, you can go invest in the green projects through GUC portal and get dynamic NFTs in return (which acts like a carbon credit certificate)

These NFTs you can trade in the marketplaces or you could use them in the GUCity game

Holding a certain dynamic NFT could be equivalent to having 10 solar panels in your game (just an example)

We are very excited for you guys to try it out!

Part 3 — Live Quiz

Which blockchain network is GUC built on?

  • Binance Smart Chain

What are the benefits of investing in GUC?

  • Users of the platform will have to get GUC tokens in order to ‘INVEST’ in these projects. In return they get Dynamic NFTs, which can be traded on OpenSea or other staking platforms, where users can stake these dynamic NFTs in return for GUC tokens.

What is the maximum supply of GUC tokens?

  • Total fixed supply of 2 billion tokens.

How is GUC making use of dynamic NFTs?

  • You can invest in the green projects through GUC portal and get dynamic NFT in return (which acts like a carbon credit certificate) These NFTs you can trade in the marketplaces or you could use them in the GUCity game

On what grounds, will the look of the GUC’s Dynamic NFT change?

  • To create a batch of carbon credits in order to determine the look change of the dynamic NFT.

When will GUCity start to develop as mentioned in the AMA?

  • June 2023

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